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Content Conversions in’s dashboard

By October 14, 2020August 31st, 2022No Comments

We know that it isn’t easy to make your content successful.   But we also know that when it works, content can be the best way to drive your business forward. We’ve built a content analytics platform that measures the true value of how your content drives business results.

This is how you get buy-in from your boss

Content Conversions are now available in the dashboard. With the ability to give content credit for user actions, you can prove value to your boss and get buy-in across teams.

Check it out:

How do you know if your content strategy is working?

Sometimes just getting someone to read a blog post is enough. But great content doesn’t just create awareness, it inspires action. Your content should move people to do something, whether it’s subscribing to a newsletter or buying a new pair of shoes.

Figuring out if reading a blog post last week led someone to take action this week has been historically difficult to measure. We’ve spoken with customers who have entire teams of data scientists trying to build in-house tools for just this purpose. And even if they finally figured out how to measure content attribution, those insights are often siloed to one team or a handful of people.

Over the last year, our customers have used the Conversions report to measure content impact on over 700 sites. Now we’re bringing Content Conversions to the dashboard on a daily basis to help you answer pressing questions like…

What topics did people read about before signing up for our newsletter?

What pages do visitors pass through on their way to converting? See what these pages have in common by looking at high-converting sections or tags. Use last touch attribution to see what topics push people to convert immediately or use linear to see what topics influenced a conversion over time.

What pages drove demo requests last month?


There’s often a group of pages that convert better than the rest. Send your users toward these high-converting pages for better results.

Which marketing campaigns resulted in subscriptions?

Discover which marketing campaigns, like email blasts, promotions, and ads, impact conversions on your site. With three different attribution models, you can see:

  • the campaigns that brought them in the door (first touch)
  • every campaign that drove them to your site before they converted (linear)
  • the last campaign they saw before converting (last touch)

Getting started with Content Conversions

New to or new to Content Conversions? We got you covered.