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How Much Does Cost?


Switching over to an updated dashboard isn’t the only change we’ve made at over the past year. In addition to making more data and metrics available, we’re making more accessible to different types and sizes of teams through more flexible plans and pricing.

Prefer to cut to the chase? You can see the full breakdown of each plan here. However, below is a bit of an explanation on each tier. is now available in three plans: Content Team, Analytics Team, and Data Pros

These three plans differ in both the amount of data they support and the features/functionality they provide. Specifically:

  • Content Team is built for teams and companies that are just starting to use data to understand their audience. There’s a heavy emphasis on real-time dashboards to make immediate decisions, but a trailing 90 days of historical data as well as access to’s turn-key reporting suite makes sure that no one misses the big picture when it comes to audience trends.

    The Content Team tier provides the metrics most requested: page views, unique visitors, shares, search and social referral data. If you’re a print publisher making the transition to digital, this is a great place to start – or if you’re a content marketer looking to make analytics a part of your editorial strategy, check out this plan.

  • Analytics Team is our most popular plan, especially for growing teams that have been tasked with more responsibility for things like audience engagement, reader loyalty, or new product development. The Analytics Tier dashboard includes not only the metrics available in the Content Tier, but also’s advanced metrics: engaged time, loyalty segmentation, and mobile/desktop segmentations. As our CTO outlined in his post, “The Changelog: Views, Visitors, Engaged Time & Shares in Context,” not only do these metrics give more information on their own, but combining them and putting them into context can provide powerful insights about your audience.

    Since the teams that need this kind of analysis often work across an organization, this tier also allows for more comprehensive reporting and expands our data retention limit to a year. If your team adds the API option to this plan, you’ll have access to our recommendation endpoint as well. (See more about the API options here.)

  • Data Pros pulls out all the stops for teams who use data as the backbone of their organization. It adds roll-up views for those that run multiple sites, and tracking of distributed content across the web, including Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project and Facebook Instant Articles.

    In addition to the features within the dashboard, this tier opens up access to the data “behind the scenes,” allowing access to the raw data for SQL queries and connection to external databases like subscribers or ad tech products. Finally, this tier allows for the longest historical data retention at two years.

  • All of’s feature tiers come with access to the service and expertise of our awesome customer success team, though there are some “white glove” custom requests that we make available to our highest-tier clients.

    Offering different tiers of service is a change for us as a company, and clients that have been with us for months or years will not lose access to any features they have, regardless of the tier they are currently in. You can find out what features are available in your account directly in our dashboard, or explore our public plans page to see the differences between our various tiers.

    One thing that’s not changing? Regardless of what set of features you’re interested in, our pricing still scales based on your audience size. We want to make sure niche and growing sites have access to the same options that large established sites do.

    So, how much does cost? It depends on the size of your site, and which of these three tiers of service fit your needs best. Browse our plans now or get in touch today to find a package that’s right for you.