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Understand your risk exposure for Facebook News Feed changes

Facebook’s shifting the tides of the media landscape, and we will be here to help you navigate those. We’re offering assistance through data to understand your risk relative to other publishers regardless if you’re a customer or not. See our top three tips for assessing your own risk on the Digital Content Next website, and fill out the form below to get a free Facebook News Feed Risk Exposure Assessment.

As an aid to publishers while these changes are rolling out, I’m happy to announce that is planning on helping in the following ways:

  • We’ll continue to monitor the aggregate referral data available for free on our website.
  • We’ll be exploring additional questions, including the distribution of sites seeing divergent increasing and decreasing Facebook traffic.
  • For any publisher that requests it, we’ll provide a free Risk Exposure Assessment. You can sign up for it by filling out the form below.

We’re confident that this information can assist publishers who may be seeing a decline from Facebook, but also the industry at large as we decrease the dependency on the newsfeed and increase the engagement that audiences have with your content directly.

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